Guests enjoy a special lunch at the Warren School

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Adam and Stuart with Warren School's team of chefs, along with the school's support staff, getting ready for their special lunch.

Pupils Haylie and Brendan with Potters Team Jacqui, Angeline, Tracey and Richard Moore, Assistant Head at Warren School

Our chefs enjoying a well earned lunch themselves!

A local school has welcomed two of Potters Resort's most experienced chefs in recent months, to pass on their knowledge from basic cooking workshops to more detailed skills as the weeks have progressed.

During that time, pupils in Secondary 8 at the Warren School, a community school for children with severe learning difficulties, agreed and practiced each course of a full festive menu which came to life at a very special lunch on Wednesday 14th December under the direction of chefs Stuart Pegg and Adam Manthorpe. Having spent the best part of two days preparing their chosen menu, they then served and looked after 35 guests on the afternoon, including parents, teachers and support staff.

In recognition of the pupils' professionalism and dedication throughout the project, on the morning of the lunch they were presented with their very own personalised chefs jackets, kindly provided free of charge by our brilliant catering suppliers. To assist them with service and table settings on the day, the school also welcomed Tracey and Angeline from our Restaurant Team, as well as Nathan from the Foundation and Jacqui, our Design Manager who had previously helped pupils create the menus, which were kindly printed free of charge by Richardson Printing.

Once the guests had departed, it was time for our team of chefs to celebrate their tremendous efforts with their own special lunch, served by the Potters Resort team in the very kitchen it was all prepared.

Richard Moore, Assistant Head at the Warren School, said "The project that the Potters Friends Foundation created with us this term has been a truly amazing experience. To see ten students grow so much in confidence and ability that they were able to deliver a four course meal to 35 guests of restaurant quality, within an hour, was fantastic. I was so proud of the class when they delivered their food. It has certainly been an event that none of them would have taken part in if it hadn’t been for the commitment and hard work from Stuart, Adam, Jacqui and Nathan. It was great that Angeline and Tracey were able to join us for the meal to serve and help look after our guests. Several students were very pleased that they were able to learn some front-of-house skills from them!

"I can’t thank the Foundation enough for everything they have provided over the last 14 weeks. Every one of us has been completely overwhelmed by the efforts they have put in and I don’t think the students will ever take off their whites! The parents will certainly never let them get away with not cooking at home now!"

Our thanks go to Jacqui, Tracey and Angeline and of course, Stuart and Adam who spent so much of their own time making this project a reality for the pupils, teachers and support staff at the Warren School, who were an absolute delight to work alongside.

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