The pain was worth it! £1,160.00 donated to Big C after 'Fire Walk'!

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Luke Tilsley (during the "day job"), Buzman and Dan of Big C

Buzman displaying his super-strength

Spiderman (aka Luke) getting to grips with the coals

On Saturday 30th April, Buzby Allen and Luke Tilsley successfully (and bravely) negotiated a path of hot coals, raising funds for a great cause in our community along the way.

They enjoyed it so much, they even did it twice... "BuzMan" and our resident Spiderman (Luke) took to the streets of Norwich and WOW'd the crowds as they put pain aside in the name of charity. In the build up to the walk, they also broke wooden boards in two with their bare hands and snapped an arrow in to pieces through sheer neck power! Sounds like a typical day for our very own superheroes... The Fire Walk was organised by Big C, Norfolk's Cancer Charity, and alongside 40 other brave volunteers, the rain did little to dampen spirits (or the coals!).

Buzby and Luke raised a fantastic £580.00 through donations of friends, family and the Potters Resort team, with the Potters Friends Foundation matching those generous contributions; a total of £1,160.00.

We were delighted to welcome Dan Bell, Events Manager for Big C, to the Resort on Thursday 19th May to meet our heroes, who were delighted to hand over the cheque.

For more information on Big C, Norfolk's Cancer Charity, click here.

The Potters Friends Foundation

Why We Set Up The Potters Friends Foundation

To continue the legacy and philanthropy of Brian Potter MBE.

Who & What We Support

Worthy causes and acts of kindness that make a positive impact within our wider Potters community.

How Will We Achieve This?

As well as donations of product and ongoing fundraising efforts, the team at Potters Resort will support causes by giving time and knowledge.