Tribute to Brian Potter MBE and Past Generations

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The 4th November 2015 marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Brian Potter MBE. In recognition of the day, a fitting tribute to him and generations past was unveiled in our Reception area at Potters Resort.

We hope if you are passing you will find the area of interest, which we believe portrays the proud history of Potters Resort and its team over 95 years, complimented hugely by our wonderful and loyal guests.

The Potters Friends Foundation

Why We Set Up The Potters Friends Foundation

To continue the legacy and philanthropy of Brian Potter MBE.

Who & What We Support

Worthy causes and acts of kindness that make a positive impact within our wider Potters community.

How Will We Achieve This?

As well as donations of product and ongoing fundraising efforts, the team at Potters Resort will support causes by giving time and knowledge.